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Great Escapes in Pennsylvania to Improve Mental Health

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Sometimes the hustle and stress of life can take a toll on us and wear us down. We all need an escape from the endless office hours and glow of a computer or cell phone screen. Taking a break from the day-to-day grind can do wonders for your mental health, and give you that boost you need to make you feel like you can take on the world again. Pennsylvania has several different attractions you can go to that will help you disconnect and rediscover some of the joys in life. Whether you just want to relax in a cabin on a lake, or visit some historical destinations, here are some ways from Sony Hulk Radio that you can do it all in Pennsylvania.

Recovery at the Lake

When we get worn down mentally, we may not be really spending any time outdoors doing any relaxing activities. The sun can give us some of those essential nutrients we need to start feeling good again, and a little exercise will trigger your body to release those mood-boosting endorphins. Getting out of the house and renting a boat on Lake Erie can help you with all of those things. Some sun and rowing or paddling exercise can relax the mind while exercising the body. Boatsetter notes that there are a lot of options around the lake where you can rent boats. You can usually rent them by the hour. Try it for an hour at a time to see how you feel. An hour on the lake may be the perfect way to squeeze in some rejuvenating relaxation during an otherwise busy schedule.

It can be very serene out on the water and you may enjoy paddling to a couple of different locations and just float on the water to take in the scenery. Paddling quietly through the water will help you observe more of the wildlife that you may not get to see otherwise. You can also explore and find a hidden fishing spot or private beach perfect for a picnic. You can rent canoes, kayaks, or even motorized boats. Frommer’s points out that there are some exquisite views around Lake Erie, so take some time to soak it all in.

Extended Stay

If you’re looking for a longer getaway than a day trip, there are several cabin rentals around the state. Put down the tablet, turn off the tv, and enjoy the quiet outdoors and beautiful scenery from a rustic rental. There are some on the water where you could enjoy boating multiple times during your stay, and even some cabins with fantastic hiking locations nearby. You can choose the type of cabin that is right for you.

Maybe you want to completely unplug, or maybe you enjoy spending the day in nature and coming home to all of the modern conveniences you are accustomed to. Where getting out and exercising outside is a great way to disconnect from your normal life, don’t forget to actually relax as well. Try doing outdoor activities in the mornings and relaxing at the cabin in the evening. A good balance between the two will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

Fun In Philly

A wonderful option is to plan your getaway for some time in Philadelphia. There’s nothing quite like taking in the city with a Philly cheesesteak in hand. Visit a few of the must-see museums along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and take in the many historical attractions including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. And don’t forget to take some time to relax along the city’s hip waterfront or the world-renowned Longwood Gardens.

Historical Exploration

In addition to Philadelphia, if you’re someone who likes to visit historical destinations, Pennsylvania has plenty. Eckley Miners' Village for instance is located in the scenic hills of eastern Pennsylvania. Eckley is a coal miner’s village called a “patch town” from 1854, that is extremely well preserved. This is where coal miners’ families would be housed and provided basic needs like medical care, schools, church and a general store. Visiting this site is like taking a step back in time and looking at the life and hardships of an early American coal miner and his family. After being featured in a movie in 1970, it was donated to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, which is likely why it is still around today. There are even several people who still live in the town.

Whether you’re looking for a day trip, an extended stay away at your vacation home, or a historical tour, Pennsylvania has it all. Make sure you take advantage of everything this state has to offer. Some sunshine, beautiful scenery, and some moderate exercise will recharge you physically and mentally. It’s time to unwind and get that mental health boost you need.

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