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Now Playing Shayke It LOU'S by Cyzle Blessed

Bringing you some Houston Flavor...

Cyzle Blessed " SHAYKE IT LOU'S"

With power and promise, this Chicago born, Houston based emcee delivers. As a writer and lyricist, Cyzle Blessed first surged onto the scene through her connection with the JAM gospel group in 2003 where she shared the stage with the likes of Yolanda Adams, and Shirley Caesar. In 2014, she crossed over from the sacred to secular perfecting her ever growing passion for crafting music that is real and relatable. Influenced by Busta Rhymes and Kelly Roland, she developed a strong passion for Rap music and began penning lyrics by fusing climactic beats with racy dance themes that move the crowd.

With her latest single she will have you shaking it loose with "SHAYKE IT LOU'S". Its an upbeat and fun track that you can listen to over and over. She is also on our Spotify Playlist "SonyHulkRadioSelects" you can here her there too .. to follow Cyzle Blessed clink one of the links down below.

#SonyHulkRadio Always bringing you the Hottest new Indie Music around,

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