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Two New Live shows coming to Sony Hulk Radio

The Benzino & Valerie Red show & The Journey with KS

Your Favorite former Love & Hip-Hop Star Benzino is teaming up with Radio Personality Valerie Red to hit the Sony Hulk Radio airwaves coming sometime in July 2021.

Also Making their Sony Hulk Radio Debut "The Journey with KS"

Coming June 30 at noon is the debut of the "The Journey with KS" featuring KS and Own3r. Its all about KS journey thru his music career.. Their will be interviews, covering: current events, music news, sports and other todays topics... Make sure you tune in tomorrow to see if you made the shout out list... Or get ya B-day acknowledged.

Make sure your follow Ks and Own3r on their social media pages.. along with Sony Hulk Radio, links down below.

Sony Hulk Radio

KS - Radio Host

Own3r - Radio Host

#SonyHulkRadio always bringing you the hotest new shows and artists around.

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