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Happy Independence Day

Taking a Second to Reflect and Remember

Today is our Country "Birthday", the day we celebrate our independence and a nation. But before you go to your BBq's and Cookouts, Bars or Clubs, or whatever it is that your going to do to celebrate today and think where our nation is on this day.

We have a Pandemic that is tearing across the world and here in the United States. As of today according to CNN 2,795,163 people has been confirmed positive with the Corona Virus and 129,437 have passed away here in the U.S alone. 129,437 of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, gone in less then 4 months. This is the most lost of life in United States history. No war that the U.S has been in ever claimed this much American life.

We have protest and civil unrest over injustices against the Black and Minority communities at the hands of police officers around our country. Police reform and a re-thinking on how we handle violations of the laws by the ones who are suppose to be enforcing them is absolutely crucial. Its shows you that on this Day of Indepence we are all not truly free. But despite the lack of leadership from the current White House administration, we still see a movement to make change from both sides of this situation. The important questions is what change?

We cannot forget all the ones we lost. Our condolences goes out to everyone who lost someone. So as you go to enjoy your holiday.. say a quick prayer for all the families that lost love ones to either Covid-19, or over Policing. Say a prayer for our nation to be able to heal and come together with no more lives lost.

Happy 4th of July from the Sony Hulk Radio Family

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