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Kenny Stoute started getting into music in the 4th grade when he learned to play the saxophone and then, moving onto the piano in high school. Once out of high school he wanted to try his hand in the music industry and began writing songs, and producing. In 2004 Kasedout was born in the studio. At that time he was recording and doing shows in NJ, and NY in open mics as well as small venues. In 2010 Kasedout became KS and the artist in him came back alive. Within a year he was working with artists Dizzy Darps, Joey Costa, and J Starr. 2011 was an even bigger journey for him as 5 Star Ratin' his #1 trending song in 3 countries was released along with The J.O.B and former Iconic Boyz Madison Alamia, and Spikey Mikey who were formerly from the group TobeOne who was under Layla Kaliegh (MTV'S Americas Best Dance Crew's Co-host) and Troy Carter (Lady Gaga's manager and CEO of Atom Factory Music). Since then KS has performed at numerous places from Blackthorn 51 to B.B. Kings in Times Square NYC for Veronica Kole (Team Snooki Music). Moving in 2017 to South Carolina was an even bigger journey for him. Building a studio in Elgin he spent 2 and half years finding his style building his label M2P Records LLC and In 2019 KS dropped his EP "A Million Miles" which hit the ITunes Pop Album Chart. 2020 brought even more new innovative music to the scene with Body Talk dropping Memorial weekend having great reviews, adding some new artist to the label, and going on tour through Connecticut, New York, and Maryland. His lasted single First Class dropped October 31st and the new album will drop New Years Eve "Forget About You Forget About Us. 2021 will bring more shows as he will be touring the East Coast/midwest through the summer.

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