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Now Playing Sean Kelly "Payphone" on Sony Hulk Radio

Some Houston Tx, flavor by the way of Georgia.....

Sean Kelly is a recording artist from Houston, TX originally but live in Georgia now. he has an EP out everywhere called EPSK with 5 tracks. Sean Kelly is 24 years old and has lived across the country trying to find his break in the industry. Sean started rapping when he was 15 and pursuing this career when I was 19. With 9 years total in the game he is starting to find his way... The single "Payphone is not on the EP but he felt it was hot enough to release just a single.. tell us what you think.. as its now playing on SHR.

To follow Sean Kelly or want to know more about him hit the links below....



#SonyHulkRadio always bringing you the hottest indie artists....

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