Sony Hulk Radio New Studios

As we get closer to completing our New studio that our djs will broadcast from, we wanted to give you updates on the upcoming shows and some new features: This week Feature is

The Journey With KS - Radio Show

This show will be hosted by Ks and Owner..

They will take you thru their journey of their musical up and downs.. They will talk about different topics like best travel spots, current events, mention of celebrities birthdays and much more while playing the hottest indie artists during there show.

Congrats to Ks and Owner and Welcome to Sony Hulk Radio.. Coming Soon!!!

Have an Alexa Device.. just say "Alexa enable Sony Hulk Radio" and you will be instantly listening and our station will be enable for that device. After that just say "Alexa Play Sony Hulk Radio" anytime you want to tune in.

We also have Apple and Android apps for you listening pleasure.. just type in Sony Hulk Radio...

Want to listen on you Desktop, Laptop or Tablet click this link. Sony Hulk Radio

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