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Now Playing BAS3 "Tied" And "Slide"

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

BAS3 gives us 2 songs to show "You" the listeners he's hot!!

BAS3 "Tied" Album Artwork

BAS3 was first heard on the Sony Hulk Radio in a song called "Promethazine" with two other artists. The Trio of LilHurt, FeeAmigo & BAS3 went on to hit the SHR Electric Indie Charts. The song Promethazine hit as high as #3 on the chart and remained on the chart for several weeks.

BAS3 "Slide" Album Artwork

Now on his own, BAS3 debuts 2 solo single projects "Tied" and also "Slide" to Sony Hulk Radio for our worldwide listeners to show he can deliver more fire songs as solo artist. I suggest you tune in to Sony Hulk Radio - Listen Now

To Follow Bas3 On Instagram @BAS31492

Spotify PlayList - Sony Hulk Radio Selects

Always delivering you the hottest new indie songs....

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